Women’s therapist and counselorAs an Atlanta Women’s Therapist and Counselor in Midtown 30308, I specialize in Binge Eating Disorders, LGBTQ Issues, Coming Out Later in Life, Relationship Issues, Depression, Anxiety and Stress.

My practice is a combination of talk therapy and body-focused therapies with a strong focus on your mind-body-soul connections.  These include Meditation and Mindfulness, EFT Tapping and Hypnosis.  My work is deeply meaningful to me and I am committed to provide you with the best therapy experience possible.

Because the work I do incorporates body-focused approaches, as well as use of the unconscious, you benefit from the most current and most effective therapy available.  Best of all, the skills we use together are skills you can use on your own as well.

My own Meditation and EFT Tapping practices help me connect with my Self and others in deep and meaningful ways.  And because of this, it is my privilege to share these practices with anyone who seeks a greater sense of well-being.

EFT Tapping accounts for the most recent transformation in my personal and professional lives.  Because EFT is a rapid and effective trauma therapy, I encourage you to ask questions and read the research.  However, as with any experiential therapy, nothing takes the place of the first-hand experience itself.

Additionally, I am trained in Hypnosis by both ASCH and ASMI and pursue Consultation and Training at all times.  So, do let me know if Hypnosis is something you’d like to incorporate into your counseling and therapy work.

My own Therapy, Meditation, Hypnosis and EFT journey of 25+ years reminds me daily that real transformation is possible.  And I wish the same for you.

Most importantly, because of my own diverse background, it is important to me that I work with a wide range of women.  This includes women of all shapes and sizes, cultures and religions, abilities and disabilities, ages and races, sexual orientations and occupational status.

Finally, my practice’s office space is very unique.  And because of this, I think you will enjoy coming to therapy simply because the space we work in is quite beautiful!

Therapist and Counselor for Women in Atlanta GA Purple Chair


~ Binge Eating Disorder Assn
~ National Eating Disorder Assn
~ LGBTQ Therapist Resource (2017 Vice President)
~ Gay and Lesbian Medical Assn
~ Georgia Hypnosis Society
~ Assn for Comprehensive Energy Psychology
~ Assn for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques
~ Assn for Size Diversity and Health (Health at Every Size)
~ National Organization for Women
~ American Civil Liberties Union
~ The Feminist Majority Foundation