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April 13-15, 2018

Florham Park Wyndham Hotel
175 Park Avenue
Florham Park, NJ

Fee: $50

$50 registration plus lodging/meals

About our EFT NJ Tapping Event

The Spring Energy Event (SEE) is an annual EFT Tapping Event.  Due to our very positive and relaxing experience in 2017, we head back to Florham Park, NJ this April.

This is a non-commercial community building event.  Therefore, please add your information to the SEE mailing list.  This mailing list is your source for details about EFT Events, recordings and other happenings.

This year’s Event is about Relationships.  And connection is based on Relationship.  And healing is based on the same thing.  So, this year’s gathering is all about that.  The single most important thing in most of our lives.

Relationships impact us every day from our very first day.  We cultivate relationship with ourselves and with our clients.  Our very first relationships define us in clear and not-so-clear ways.  Our physical body offers us many opportunities to heal.  Relationship is a primary component of our human experience.  Some believe it is, in fact, the whole point.

Join us in Florham Park this year and meet EFT Practitioners from all over the world.  As a bonus, do some of your own EFT work if you choose.  It’s a great time with great folks.

See you soon!

About Jondi Whitis

Jondi Whitis, EFT Master Trainer

Jondi Whitis is an Accredited Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner and Master Trainer based in Brooklyn, NY.  She hosts the Spring Energy Event (SEE) annually which draws EFT colleagues from all over the world.

Jondi is The People’s EFT Teacher.  In her own words, “I’ll teach you how to feel better fast.  I offer personal Tapping sessions and intensives.  For those interested in helping your friends and family feel better, I also provide you with those tools.  Finally, I train healthcare professionals and caregivers to seamlessly integrate these techniques into their current protocols for faster and more effective results.”

I’m excited to see you in April as the 5th Annual SEE unfolds!

This link redirects you to The Spring Energy Event’s Website for details and registration.