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January 23 and January 26

2 PM Eastern

Online Webinar


Better Relationships

My colleague, author and therapist Steven Kessler, MFT, is offering a FREE LIVE WEBINAR for anyone who’s ever wished for  better relationships!  Steven promises you’ll come away from the webinar with a whole new way of understanding others  –  and yourself.  This webinar is based on his book The 5 Personality Patterns.

We all want better relationships.  Getting to know ourselves better is a great start.  But what about those whom we interact with?  This workshop, based on Steven’s book The 5 Personality Patterns gives us all the information we need to better understand others’ behaviors.

And understanding people’s patterns gives you the knowledge you need to create better relationships in all areas of your life.

Understand The 5 Personality Patterns

The Leaving Pattern is a way to buffer the Self from feelings of overwhelm.  It is a holding pattern, conditioned into the body.  The survival strategy employed here is to move away from what is frightening or potentially frightening.  The gifts of The Leaving Pattern are the gifts of psychic and subtle perception and the ability to read and track energy.

The Merging Pattern is a holding pattern in the body.  The habit here is to shift attention away from the Self and toward others and external resources.  The pattern develops in response to feelings of deprivation.  The gifts of The Merging Pattern are the gifts of the heart – love, compassion, nurture and generosity.

The Enduring Pattern is a holding pattern in the body.  The defense strategy is to hunker down by pulling energy in and sending it down into the ground beneath.  Enduring Pattern people become able to tolerate almost anything.  The gifts of The Enduring Pattern include a deeply grounded strength, stability and steadiness.

The Aggressive Pattern is a holding pattern in the  body.  The aggressive pattern develops in people who were in such distress that they feared for their own survival but made it through by willing themselves to survive.  the gifts of The Aggressive Pattern include the focused use of energy, to gather it, channel it and make things happen.

The Rigid Pattern is a holding pattern in the body.  The habit here is to shift attention away from internal experience and onto an external set of rules and standards.  The gifts of The Rigid Pattern are the gifts of form and structure, skill with words and grammar, and creating order.

Register and Be On Your Way to Better Relationships

In this free event, you’ll discover:

~ What everyone is fundamentally looking for in better relationships
~ Our different styles of trying to achieve better relationships
~ The path to creating better relationships with almost anyone

By the end of this event, you’ll have The Secret to Understanding People and you’ll be seeing others – and yourself – in a whole new way.

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