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Binge Eating Disorders


In-office and online therapy available for Binge Eating Disorder and Body Image issues.

Emotional Eating and Binge Eating Disorders are not about the food.  Effective Eating Disorders Treatment leads to intuitive, healthy and balanced eating.  And this requires a strong and healthy connection to your whole Self.

Do you see yourself below?

EMOTIONAL EATING is comforting yourself with food.  This usually takes the form of carbohydrates.  In addition, you might numb yourself with food, rather than tolerate unpleasant feelings.  Finally, entertaining, celebrating or “treating yourself” with food might be a sign that you are an Emotional Eater.

BINGE EATING is eating large amounts of food and feeling out of control.  In addition, if you eat compulsively, or secretly, these are indications that your relationship with food is out of balance.  Eating when not hungry, eating rapidly, and eating to physical discomfort are all behaviors associated with Binge Eating.  Especially relevant are feelings of shame or guilt that follow a food binge.  Often, women struggling with Binge Eating Disorders will compensate by Restricting.  However, Restricting increases the urge to Binge.

BULIMIA is a category of behaviors designed to facilitate the expulsion of food or calories from the body.  These behaviors often include self-induced vomiting, laxative abuse, diuretic abuse and over-exercising.  The goal of these behaviors is always to avoid or mitigate weight gain, or to facilitate weight loss.  Often, women struggling with Binge Eating Disorders will attempt to compensate for their binging with one or more bulimic behaviors.


I provide both in-office therapy and online therapy for Binge Eating Disorder treatment and Negative Body Image Issues with the same effective approaches that I integrate into all of my therapy practice.  Because Eating Disorders and Body Image issues are not about the food or the body. They are about everything else. And once you are whole on the inside, the outside takes care of itself.


The outcomes of Bariatric Surgeries can be significant – from rapid shifts in physical disease to enormous psychological changes.

However, your health after Bariatric surgery requires implementing a “new normal” and making big lifestyle changes.  And the most important of these changes is developing a healthy, long-term relationship with food, eating, your body and your Self.

Because you want to achieve and maintain your weight loss goals, it is best to begin your therapy work prior to Bariatric surgery.  The goal of therapy is to identify and resolve emotional and psychological issues that contribute to any Disordered Eating behaviors.  In some cases, clients have successfully lost enough weight with therapy that they decided against surgery.  In other cases, clients reduced or eliminated their emotional dependence on food which helped them succeed before and after Bariatric surgery.

So, wherever you are in your weight management journey, whether you are gathering information, contemplating your decision, pre-surgery, or post-surgery, I very much look forward to meeting and working with you.