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EFT Tapping

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping

Online therapy available for Georgia and Florida women who wish to incorporate EFT Tapping into their therapy experience.

What is EFT Tapping?

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping is a combination of 8 well accepted mechanisms in psychology that facilitates rapid emotional, cognitive, and physical processing of distressing events. EFT is a beneficial treatment for anxiety that works by calming the nervous system and regulating emotions. It is also an effective technique for reducing or eliminating phobias completely, sometimes very quickly. EFT is also an incredibly powerful means for resolving trauma once and for all.

We all experience various forms of trauma in our lives. From day-to-day interactions that leave their mark on us, to large event Traumas that we all recognize easily. And the impact that trauma has on our lives is considerable. By reprocessing and completely processing trauma, or adverse events, we eliminate the charge on your nervous system once and for all. EFT Tapping is effective at completing the processing of incompletely processed experiences.

This is why EFT Tapping resolves trauma once and for all. It’s not just a coping mechanism; it’s a resolution mechanism. In fact, Harvard Medical School Psychiatrist Eric Leskowitz, MD, says it’s “the most powerful intervention I’ve encountered in 25 years of work.” Meanwhile, world renowned trauma researcher Bessel van der Kolk, MD, has said, “I could not do my trauma work without Tapping.”

How Does EFT Tapping Work?

EFT combines:

  • Imaginal Exposure
  • Acupressure
  • Somatic, Emotional and Cognitive Activation (CNS Activation)
  • Amygdala/Prefrontal Cortex Rewiring & Deactivation
  • Information Processing & Reprocessing
  • Cognitive Restructuring
  • Memory Re-consolidation and
  • Eye Movement and Reprocessing.

We can incorporate EFT into as much of our work as you like in order to provide you with as much relief as soon as possible. EFT Tapping Intensives are also available for anyone wanting an “individualized workshop” approach to facilitate as much progress as possible in a half-day or full day format.

If you have any questions about the above, please feel free to email me.

Scientific Research Regarding EFT Tapping

In a randomized controlled trial of fifty veterans diagnosed with PTSD, 86% of them no longer met criteria for this diagnosis after only 6 sessions with EFT. (You can read the story of RM here in the National Center for Biotechnology Information.) Furthermore, participants sustained this result over 3 and 6 month rechecks.

Another study measured a dramatic reduction in participants’ cortisol levels (24-50%) after Tapping. Cortisol is a hormone that regulates stress in our bodies and contributes to the disease process.

These are just two of many studies yielding compelling results. I encourage you to read more at EFT International’s Research Page, where you can choose the topics that interest you most via the dropdown menu.

Advanced EFT Practitioner and EFT Tapping Trainer

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Georgia, an approved Telehealth provider in Florida, and an EFT Tapping Trainer (NQT) certified by EFT International. It has been my honor to have been mentored in EFT by master level trainers including the originator of the first-ever training program in EFT Tapping, Ann Adams. Furthermore, I am proud to host workshops, trainings, and other EFT activities on a regular basis. Most of these events take place through Tapping Works 501c3, recognized by the state of Georgia and the IRS as a charitable educational organization.

Tapping Works, A Non-Profit Alliance of EFT Practitioners, is your opportunity to become involved and active in EFT locally. Our organization offers member benefits, training and education opportunities (with or without CEs), topical workshops, practice building tools, and more — all in service of sharing Tapping with those who need it most: Effectively, Ethically and Affordably. Please join us!

Be on the lookout for our upcoming announcements and your chance to get involved. We look forward to joining forces with you and your organization and contributing to the well-being of our local community with EFT.

I am committed to sharing EFT Tapping with as many people in the community as possible. I am also committed to offering EFT Tapping Training that is Effective, Ethical and Affordable. Most of all, I encourage you to seek out EFT Tapping resources from whichever organization is the best fit for you. Whether it’s Tapping Works 501c3, EFT International (non-profit), EFT Universe (for profit), EFT Tapping Training Institute (for profit), Gary Craig’s Emofree, The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology — or anywhere else — we support your decision to seek out EFT Tapping training and to share it!