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Meditation and Mindfulness: Learn How to be Here & Now

Online therapy is available for Georgia and Florida women interested in meditation and mindfulness as part of their therapy experience.

Mindfulness: To Be Present and Aware Without Judgement

“Don’t just DO something… SIT there!”

We live in an age of “Go, go, go,” and “Do, do, do,” always on the move, always anxious to be productive and useful. We eat our meals while driving, slurp our coffee quickly to stay focused at work, only to become more and more anxious and depressed as life passes us by.

How often do we stop and smell the roses? Did any of us listen to the sage Ferris Bueller when he said “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”?

Why meditate? Why practice mindfulness?

You practice meditation and mindfulness because you want to be in the moment, to feel alive. Or because you long to show up and be powerful in your own life. Or because you know there’s more to life than… this.

In an age of extreme distraction and frantic levels of activity, we are depressed, anxious and lacking meaning in our lives. And it’s no wonder: we are not here when we are here. That is why meditation and mindfulness must be an intentional choice. The practitioner must choose the stillness and quiet. The practitioner must choose to simply be.

When was the last time you simply and intentionally sat down and observed the world around, and within, yourself?

Meditation and Mindfulness: Come As You Are

A meditation and mindfulness practice is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Some people meditate alone while others meditate in a group. Meditating in nature is essential for some people; others opt for their favorite couch or chair. Some gravitate toward stillness and silence; some folks gravitate toward motion, movement, and vocalization. Regardless of the method it’s all about being present with our Self.

Perhaps best of all is the fact there are no special clothes or poses required. We just “Sit.” Or we walk. Or we stand. Most importantly, you notice what you notice. Grief, restlessness, thoughts, anxiety, wondering “am I doing this right?” it all shows up. Then we notice some more. And we make room for whatever shows up.

The effects of meditation and mindfulness are cumulative. Each time we “Sit” we are closer to Self and more aware. Over time we peel away the layers. With each layer peeled we are a bit closer to our true Self. And with consistent practice it is possible to become more connected than not.

The Physical and Mental Benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness

The benefits of meditation and mindfulness are well established in various scholarly articles and referenced in self-help pieces. It reduces depression, anxiety, physical pain, and insomnia. It can strengthen our immune system, all while improving countless other aspects of our physical, emotional, and spiritual experience.

Meditation and mindfulness can also offer us a path to greater spiritual connection, to knowing and expressing our truest nature, and to trusting our Self as a pure manifestation of the Divine. So, whatever calls to you — greater peace and calm, knowing Self, or a Spiritual longing — Meditation and Mindfulness can be adapted to your life.