Therapy and Counseling for Women Atlanta GA

Therapy & Counseling

Women’s Therapy and Counseling for Georgia and Florida Residents

From a place of deep clarity and commitment, I am proud to provide women’s therapy and Counseling for women in Georgia and Florida. For over 20 years I have specialized in meeting the unique needs of Women and Young Adult Girls. Through practice, training, and my trust in the natural order of things, my specialties have evolved to include:

  • Development of clear boundaries for Self, family and others
  • Cultivating awareness of and connection to Self
  • Overcoming internal and external obstacles to self-care
  • Making peace with food and our bodies
  • Creating fulfilling intimacy in relationships
  • Developing meaningful spiritual practices
  • Exploring our sexuality and sexual orientation
  • Coming out later in life
  • Resolving old traumas, both big and small

The Value of Effective Therapy and Our Mental Health and Well-Being

What could be more valuable than becoming our truest and most whole Self? It is my deeply held belief that there is no more valuable investment of time, money or energy than effective therapy and counseling. Insight-oriented therapy, in combination with meditation, EFT Tapping and hypnosis absolutely works.  By harnessing the power of the mind, the physical body and the unconscious (or Higher Self), it is possible to transform your life and resolve — to actually resolve once and for all — the obstacles hindering you.

With My Utmost Gratitude for My Own Growth Through Therapy

I have grown and changed dramatically as a result of my own long-term therapy and meditation work with gifted teachers. My education, training and related practices now allow me to offer something back. Therapy is a calling — whether you are a client or a therapist, or both, and it is always my privilege to share this space with you.

I offer online Women’s Therapy and Counseling via telehealth for Georgia and Florida residents. Please reach out with any questions you may have.