Melissa Lester Olson, women's therapist and counselor

Melissa Lester Olson: Therapist & Counselor

Offering Therapy and Counseling to Georgia and Florida Residents

Welcome! I am Melissa Lester Olson and I am here to help you achieve your mental health goals. From my office here in Atlanta I work with clients all over Georgia, and via telehealth for Florida residents. I specialize primarily in helping women handle the challenges they face every day, at home, work, and social situations. I also specialize in:

My practice is a combination of talk and body-focused therapies with a strong focus on mind-body connections and trauma resolution methods. These include

My work is deeply meaningful to me and I am committed to providing you with the best therapy experience possible. You will benefit from the most current and effective therapies available, since the work I do incorporates body-focused approaches, as well as use of the subconscious. Perhaps best of all, the skills we use together are skills you can use on your own.

Telehealth Sessions Available for Georgia and Florida Residents

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker here in Georgia, and I am registered to provide telehealth therapy and counseling sessions to Florida residents.

GA – Licensed Clinical Social Worker #CSW003082
FL – Telehealth Provider Registration #707

Meditation and Mindfulness Practice

My own meditation practice has helped me connect more deeply and more meaningfully with my Self and in relationship with others. A simple meditation practice can change the way you experience your Self, the way you interact with Others, and the World around you. And the “harder” it is for you to meditate in the beginning, the more you will benefit from this practice.  No special poses, props or clothes — just you, exactly as you are.

EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)

My extensive EFT Tapping Training has transformed my work as a therapist and counselor. Emotional Freedom Technique is a rapid and effective trauma therapy. It is well-researched and recommended by primary care physicians, ENTs, neurologists, pain management specialists, mental health providers, life coaches, sports coaches, and many other professionals. I encourage you to ask questions, read the peer-reviewed research, and experience EFT Tapping for yourself.

I am an EFT Trainer (NQT) certified by EFT International, and the founder of TAPPING WORKS 501c3.  If you or your organization are curious about training in EFT Tapping, please reach out to me at my email address, or at Tapping Works.

Clinical Hypnosis

I am trained in Clinical Hypnosis by both The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and the Anxiety and Stress Management Institute. I am also an active member of The Georgia Hypnosis Society. I use hypnosis in my practice as an adjunct to other therapy approaches. While I do not use hypnosis as a primary approach to therapy, I am happy to refer to you some highly skilled hypnotherapists in the metro Atlanta area.  

For details regarding my fees, how insurance reimbursement works, Superbill processes, scheduling an appointment, and my cancellation policy please, click here.

About Me and My Journey

My own diverse cultural, religious, and geographic background, and my family’s struggles with physical illness and disability, mental illness, and alcohol and drug abuse have shaped my journey in mental health. This is why I work with women of all shapes and sizes, cultures and religions, abilities and disabilities, ages, races, sexual orientations, socioeconomic, and occupational status. So whether we work together with online therapy or in-office therapy (or a combination of the two), I want you to know that real change is possible.

My own therapy, meditation, hypnosis and EFT journey of 25+ years is the “why” that gets me up in the morning. Healing and wholeness is possible. It is my reason for being an Atlanta Women’s Therapist and Counselor. Your work is do-able.  

I am a Member and Financial Supporter of:

Purple Chair

National Eating Disorder Association
National Organization for Women
American Civil Liberties Union
The Feminist Majority Foundation
Global Fund for Women
Higher Heights Leadership Fund
LGBTQ Therapist Resource
Gay and Lesbian Medical Association
Georgia Hypnosis Society
ACEP (Energy Psychology)
EFT International
Tapping Works 501c3

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